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The Potential of Educational Metaverse on Educational Organizations


  • Nurten Gunduz Gaziantep University


Metaverse, Education, Educational Organizations, Metaversity


It is a case that cannot be neglected that the metaverse, which can be interpreted as the future of the Internet and the 3-dimensional new generation Internet, has the potential to influence and transform all areas in which human beings are engaged. Undoubtedly, one of the areas that will get the most share from the wave that this relatively new digital evolution can bring will inevitably be education. For this reason, it is important to discuss the possible effects of the metaverse in the context of education in order to understand the potential of this technological step that will shape the future of educational organizations and to make the necessary preparations. This article aims to discuss the educational dimension of the metaverse and to contribute to the understanding of how we can benefit from the metaverse as educational organizations. A customized learning environment adjusted to individual needs, more realistic, more lifelike learning, learning independent of time and space, equality opportunity in education, and getting rid of the financial burden required by physical schools are some of the benefits that metaverse is thought to provide to humanity in the educational sense. In order to benefit optimally from the opportunities and contributions that the metaverse can provide to education, it is necessary to first comprehend the depth and potential of the educational metaverse.