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Time for a Change in the Philosophy of Higher Education: Rethinking Teaching & Learning in Higher Education in Line with Education 4.0


  • Suna OZKAN


On-the-job training, Product or project based learning systems, Education 4.0, Innovative and online systems


Technological advancements and innovations have resulted in significant changes in many aspects of our lives, including the manufacturing industry. These significant changes in the industry have had an impact not only on production but also on education systems. However, it may be questioned whether the higher education system, which must adapt to the evolving and changing challenges of the modern world, meets the needs of the new generation and prepares the workforce of the future. It appears that traditional teaching methods are no longer useful in the modern era. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to make recommendations that would enhance higher educational philosophy and teaching and learning procedures.  This research aims to examine three potential substitute systems that could replace existing methods of teaching and learning processes where knowledge transmission is provided through teachers, which prioritizes the transfer of theoretical knowledge over the development of skills necessary for modern life. These alternative approaches are: innovative and online systems, on-the-job training, product or project based learning systems.