AI-Driven Technological Unemployment and the Role of Education



technological unemployment, education, Artificial intelligence


The goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is to simulate, and sometimes even surpass, human intelligence in order produces the best results. The unpredictability of AI growth means that certain harmful impacts are not being considered, which entails risks that in some circumstances could be viewed as threats. All agree that the impact of AI on the workforce is an undeniable fact. AI needs to be seen from a human-complementary standpoint to have a beneficial impact, that is, to maintain both productivity and the workforce. "What is the purpose and function of education?" is the question that now must be answered. Artificial intelligence education needs to support social life by utilizing AI to lower economic disparity and boost productivity. Education can help transform the workforce to fit the needs of the AI-based economy.



26.06.2024 — Updated on 26.06.2024