About the Journal

AI Research in Educational Leadership (AIREL) was founded in 2023 and is an international peer-reviewed journal in the field of educational leadership. AIREL aims to publish research on artificial intelligence in educational leadership conducted across diverse political, economic, and socio-cultural contexts, especially taking into consideration generative AI and immersive technologies.

The primary focus of studies in AI Research in Educational Leadership is to comprehend the issues of generative artificial intelligence across a wide range, especially in K-12 schools, school systems, and higher education. The journal is online, open-access, free of charge, and publishes two issues per year. It accepts empirical research, theoretical papers, case studies, and book reviews on educational technologies.

This broad focus encompasses studies exploring:

  • The future of educatinal organizations in era of Generative AI
  • The transformative impact of Generative AI on educational leaders
  • Preparing school leaders for AI-based smart educational organizations
  • Ethical challenges in Generative AI and immersive technologies
  • Designing and managing smart educational organizations with the help of AI
  • The impacts of immersive technologies on school management and leadership
  • The importance of Generative AI in smart and sustainable educational organizations
  • Illustrating and critiquing technology leadership in education
  • How to utilize Generative AI technologies and algorithms to analyze educational data
  • The trends in Generative AI for use in educational leadership
  • The design of smart and customized educational systems
  • Innovative strategies and systems based on Generative AI for school management